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Navigating the Safe Harbour reforms

In September 2017 the Treasury Laws Amendment Bill was passed to provide an exception to the insolvent trading regime. The Bill provides directors scope to develop a strategy that is reasonably likely to provide a better outcome for the company than appointing an administrator or liquidator…


Businesses confronting challenges often need specialised advice to restore stability and return value. Wexted Advisors provide banks, trustees, solicitors, corporates, and regulators expert business evaluation services.
We work with key stakeholders to understand complex operational or financial problems so as to deliver commercial, practical solutions to these problems.

Buyers, sellers, lenders and borrowers need access to expert advice to help with negotiating transactions and formulating contracts. Wexted Advisors has extensive experience managing competing objectives, resolving stakeholder disagreements, and preparing for and working on challenging and complex transactions for both healthy and distressed companies.

Wexted Advisors’ wide-ranging experience across a range of industries and assignments enables us to address a variety of other complex situations requiring a flexible and adaptive approach to businesses and owners confronting challenges.

Creditors, financiers and directors with exposure to entities facing financial distress can access to a range of insolvency services. Wexted Advisors provide the full range of insolvency services, drawing on our experience across a range of industries.