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Business Evaluations

Businesses confronting challenges often need specialised advice to restore stability and return value. Wexted Advisors provide banks, trustees, solicitors, corporates, and regulators expert business evaluation services.
We work with key stakeholders to understand complex operational or financial problems so as to deliver commercial, practical solutions to these problems.

Strategic Business Reviews Cashflow and Working Capital Management Business Planningand InterimManagement Forecasting

Wexted Advisors provide independent in-depth assessments of an organisation’s strategic, operational and financial performance and position. We clarify the current financial performance and position, review forecasts, review systems and processes, assess management and organisational capability, articulate key risks, and provide recommendations.

Having a good business plan is an essential way to guide your business and prepare for future challenges and opportunities. Wexted Advisors add value to our client’s business plan by clearly articulating their current position, assessing internal strengths and weaknesses, evaluating external threats and opportunities, determining appropriate business strategy and providing implementation plans.

Our experienced staff can provide interim management roles, including CEO and CFO roles, to stabilise or restructure businesses as required. Drawing on our collective business acumen and corporate advisory experience, we are well-placed to provide interim management support to any company.

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Having a financial representation of the firm’s expected performance is a crucial part of business planning. Our financial modelling capabilities allow us to accurately depict future earnings potential. Wexted Advisors’ approach involves three-way integrated financial modelling, along with a detailed sensitivity analysis that assesses the impact of key risks on financial performance and financial position.

Having a steady cash flow and healthy working capital is imperative for business success. We use our experience working with companies to identify key working capital components, such as debtor and creditor terms and inventory turnover, to optimise and improve working capital. We also assist businesses by creating short term/weekly cashflow projections supporting restructuring plans, to ensure the cash position is properly understood during difficult restructuring periods.

Wexted Advisors provide


services to clients facing business challenges or confronting transactions or situations.

We provide our clients with efficient, independent assistance across a range of transactions and deals.