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Transaction and Structuring Support

Buyers, sellers, lenders and borrowers need access to expert advice to help with negotiating transactions and formulating contracts. Wexted Advisors has extensive experience managing competing objectives, resolving stakeholder disagreements, and preparing for and working on challenging and complex transactions for both healthy and distressed companies.

Pre-LendingDue Diligence Safe Harbour Sell-sideSupport Services Debt Restructuring& Refinancing

Banks, syndicates, investment banks, fund managers, finance companies and private lenders all require transaction support when deciding to lend money or buy businesses. We provide analysis of the key risks and the future potential of the borrower to repay a loan, along with advice on how to structure such transactions.

Firms wishing to sell assets or businesses require assistance to maximise the value they receive from these transactions. We help our clients get the most value out of a divestment by providing an in-depth analysis of all relevant risks and issues that could have a material impact on value. Wexted Advisors work diligently to meet transaction timelines, manage access to information through data rooms, maximise competition between bidders, and not disturb the operation of day-to-day business to ensure we secure the best outcome for our clients.

Restructuring and refinancing debt will allow a company to avoid default on existing debt or take advantage of lower interest rates, and is often a better option than liquidation for both lenders and borrowers. We work with borrowers to communicate and negotiate with lenders to ensure optimal outcomes when refinancing or restructuring debt agreements. Our knowledge of the lending community gives us access to numerous refinancing options most suited for the circumstances.

In September 2017 the Treasury Laws Amendment Bill was passed to provide an exception to the insolvent trading regime. The Bill provides directors scope to develop a strategy that is reasonably likely to provide a better outcome for the company than appointing an administrator or liquidator immediately. The ‘Safe Harbour’ protects directors from insolvent trading liability arising from debts incurred whilst enacting this course of action.

Hiring an experienced insolvency practitioner is the most suitable starting point for any such course of action. Wexted Advisors works with directors and their advisors to provide Safe Harbour advice as part of a broader restructuring solution designed to address the better-outcome test.

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Wexted Advisors provide


services to clients facing business challenges or confronting transactions or situations.

We provide our clients with efficient, independent assistance across a range of transactions and deals.