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Special Situations

Wexted Advisors’ wide-ranging experience across a range of industries and assignments enables us to address a variety of other complex situations requiring a flexible and adaptive approach to businesses and owners confronting challenges.

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Our experience in both prosecution and defence of litigation, as part of insolvency cases, places us well in advising corporates and boards on the proper conduct, management and settlement of complex legal cases. This is particularly so in matters involving multiple stakeholders with disputed positions. We provide hands on and practical support for litigation processes, as well as commercial mediation services as part of a broader settlement strategy.

Executives and directors are increasingly subject to risk and scrutiny by shareholders. We provide independent advice to Boards of Directors, Chairpersons and Executive Committees on governance decisions and best practice.

We provide expert accounting, insolvency and governance expert opinions to companies involved in both commercial and legal disputes, including (where appropriate) advising those parties on mediation and settlement strategies. We are experienced in Court appearances in a formal expert and witness capacity.

Disagreements between directors on policies, processes or procedures can arise from time to time – even within the most functional boards. It is important that these issues are dealt with in a timely and fair manner. Wexted Advisors use our experience to assist boards resolve governance and other stakeholders disputes. We are experienced in providing independent Chairman services for meetings where decisions and processes may be contested.

Wexted Advisors provide


services to clients facing business challenges or confronting transactions or situations.

We provide our clients with efficient, independent assistance across a range of transactions and deals.