Business Evaluations



Providing a uniquely detailed, independent assessment of an organisation's health, operations and performance to restore stability and value.



Underperforming businesses need to quickly understand their strategic, operational and financial position, in order to recover at a rapid rate. 


A Wexted Business Evaluation delivers a comprehensive business plan, identifying critical issues and recommendations — across a variety of scenarios.

Evaluation Examples

Strategic Business Reviews

An independent, in-depth assessment of an organisation’s health — reviewing strategies, operations and financial performance. Wexted will seek to identify key risks, market segments and potential opportunities.

Business Planning

Having a good business plan is an essential way to prepare your business for future challenges and opportunities. A Wexted business plan articulates market position, strength, weaknesses, threats and opportunities to provide a highly dynamic and accurate plan.

Interim Management

We can provide interim management roles, including CEO and CFO roles, to stabilise or restructure businesses as required. Drawing on our business acumen and utilising our corporate advisory experience, Wexted is well placed to arrange interim management support to any company.


Having an accurate financial representation of a company’s expected performance is a vital part of business planning. Our financial modelling capabilities allow Wexted to accurately depict future earnings potential and highlight the impact of pending risks on financial performance and financial position.

Cashflow and Working Capital Management

In order to safeguard longevity, healthy cash flow and working capital is key. Wexted identify, improve and protect key cashflow and capital components, such as creditor terms and inventory turnover, in order to optimise and improve day-to-day operations.


On hand to better understand your business and its immediate challenges.

Joseph Hayes

Joseph Hayes

5TH MAR 2024

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson

5TH MAR 2024

We’re able to quickly ascertain why a business is underperforming.

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Working with banks, trustees, solicitors, corporates (listed and non-listed) and regulators.

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